What's so Intriguing?

Intrigue Studios

If you are truly unique, then you have no competition." 

-Nathaniel Nunziante

Welcome to Intrigue Studios

Intrigue Studios was founded in 2006 with a mission to do much more than just produce videos; we come up with a way to tell the story of your brand that instantaneously sets it apart, and then we create and manage an online advertising campaign to dramatically increase your sales.

At Intrigue Studios we are a dynamic team of creatives & marketers that will fight for your brand as if it were our own, because your success is our success. By coupling together creative video production with marketing and AD management we offer an extremely unique opportunity for businesses and brands to blow through the red tape and get to what they are really interested in: results.


We exist to become one of the finest and most-respected video marketing companies in the US, and eventually the world, and we look forward to putting our skills to use to push your organization forward!

Nathaniel Nunziante

President & CEO of Intrigue Studios

"Being different is the single most important aspect of any product or brand, in fact, from a marketing standpoint it's even more important than being good."




Let's talk about how we are going to transform your business or brand in 2018!"

Our Process

What to expect working with us.

Our process aims to first understand what the viewer needs to hear/see in order to want to take action. It's one thing to communicate what we think is important, but it is really the viewer that matters. We then pair this understanding with our artistic talent in communication and video to create a powerful video that makes a difference."

But just having a video that establishes you are different is really not enough if you want to see a dramatic increase in sales.


"Your videos need to be able to reach your target market effectively and efficiently." 

For most small businesses, there is a very common disconnect between video production and marketing. In fact, the vast majority of marketing and advertising agencies that target small businesses do not have a video production component. Most ad agencies are well versed in Graphics and Web Design, but video production is something they outsource - usually to companies like ours.

This is a very inefficient arrangement for several reasons:

1) The advertising/marketing agency will usually mark-up the video production cost to avoid negative equity.

2) The client is ultimately paying the cost of overhead for two companies on top of the actual service cost and their mark-up.

3) There is an inherent disconnect because two companies are working together - as opposed to one studio that is handling the entire workflow from script to deployment. And this disconnect costs time an money.

As an all-in-one video production and advertising agency we handle both video production and ad-management for a customized budget. With a video alone you would definitely see an increase in sales, but that increase would eventually taper off without proper ongoing ad management. Furthermore, without being able to track leads and conversions you would not be able to track the video's real performance.

"With Intrigue Studios you are not investing in video production, you are investing in results."


The proof is in the pudding. We are guaranteed to give 110% to bringing our client's success because we have tied it to our own. Gone are the days of posting your new video ad online, clicking the "facebook boost" or "google ad" button and crossing your fingers. We are here to take your business to the next level.



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