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Marketing Video

Intrigue Studios produced a memorable an impactful marketing video to introduce the brand to viewers and make it clear that these are the worlds first light-up handbags.


Introduce the bags in a way that makes it clear they "light-up" and are designed specifically for those who "want to be seen."


A visual that clearly shows the bag "turning on" partnered with the sound of the click. And voiceover narrative that is designed to resonate with a target audience that "wants to be seen."


Marketing Video


35 Seconds

Event Sizzle

Social Reels

In addition to the branded marketing video, Intrigue Studios also created a vertical format event sizzle (teaser) for the KimCig launch event. While the sizzle is mainly about the event, we also featured a good amount of the product itself - and used a lot of abstract imagery to make the video focus more on the "feel" of the brand and the event, rather than just it's visuals.


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Nathaniel Nunziante

Writer. Producer. Director

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