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MUSIC Video Production

Narrative Storyline, Performance, Behind The Scenes and more...

What is a music video production?

A music video connects the listener to the artist and the song in a way that nothing else can. And a great music video can be the difference between a song and a ‘hit’ song.


Whether it’s a stunning and memorable storyline/narrative, a gorgeous visual performance video or a combination of the two - it is very unlikely that any song can reach its maximum potential for success without a killer music video to go along with it. 

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How does Intrigue Studios create a music video?

After we’ve listened to the song multiple times and then completed an initial meeting to discuss the artist's ideas or guidelines for the video and come up with a creative brief - we immediately get to work on a visual treatment that will outline the style, tone, pace and look overall storyline of the music video given the target budget.


This visual treatment can then be reworked as needed until the video can be officially green-lit for further development and ultimately production.


Authenticity and clarity our two of our key values here at Intrigue Studios, so we are proud to create an initial visual treatment before any commitments are made.

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What is the best distribution strategy for a music video?

Most label-repped music videos have their distribution handled by a distribution company that will push the music video pretty much everywhere a video can be consumed.

For indie artists and smaller labels that are self-publishing, the best place to start, by far, is YouTube. You just want to remember that youtube is currently overrun with music video content, so it's not as simple as uploading your video and forgetting about it.

If you actually want to get views, subscribers and ultimately new fans you're going to need to employ a targeted strategy that maximizes engagement. Engagement is weighted above all else to these social algorithms, so your video needs to have that wow factor production value that gets people commenting, sharing and subscribing.

What is a typical music video budget?

While the necessary total budget for a music video production depends heavily on the complexity of its concept and desired production value.


Check out our post on: "Optimizing Your Video Marketing Budget: A Guide for Small Businesses"

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How long does it take to produce a music video?

The total time necessary from start to finish for a music depends heavily on its predicted complexity and desired production value.


That all being said, most marketing video productions take somewhere between 8-10 weeks to complete from initial development to final delivery, although less complex music videos can take as little as 4-6 weeks.

How do I get started with Intrigue Studios music video production?

Getting started couldn't be easier: Simply contact us here to set up an intro call or video chat so we can learn more about your music video project, or you can email us your RFP or creative brief here.


Once it’s confirmed that we would potentially be a good fit to produce your music video - we can jump right into creative development!

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