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Music Video

Live Action + Studio


Following the sudden and viral success of Nicole’s national anthem performance at an Islander’s game in, it became apparent that the new original song she had been working on as a recording artist should be released as soon as possible.

Given that the image of her singing the anthem is receiving so much attention, Nicole realized that it was also important that her image be tied to the release of the song - to maximize the song's engagement across social platforms.


We had very little time to get the video for her new song "What You Started" released - so we had to come up with a way to produce something quickly.


Intrigue Studios came up with a narrative that a raw, real-world recording session in which Nicole arrives at the studio and begins working on vocals to a new song… and a few people in-studio over-hear the session and text their friends to come quickly, because of how much they like the song.


This concept of the song itself “starting” a fire that quickly grows into an almost “private concert” atmosphere will be supported visually by gradually developing the lighting and visual atmosphere throughout the course of the video.


We maximized the space by shooting both the performance and the narrative in the same room - using lighting to transform it.

Style & Production

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