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Nathaniel Nunziante

Director. Composer. Writer. Producer. CEO.

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Nathaniel Nunziante is often called a modern-day renaissance man by his colleagues, and for good reason. With a career that spans across multiple disciplines, including music production, video production, stage production, directing for TV commercials, video, and theatrical stage, as well as composing and performing, his skill set is both broad and deep.


As the CEO of Intrigue Studios since 2006, Nathaniel has turned his creative vision into a thriving business with a clear mission: to create "Better Videos for Brands That Want Bigger Results." From nimble startups and nonprofits to industry giants like LG Electronics, Citibank, The NY Knicks, SalonTech, LifeVac, Nicolock, Apple & Eve, Lassonde Pappas, Basic Resources, and MetLife, Nathaniel and his team deliver on that promise time and again. His clients often marvel at how their expectations are not just met but exceeded when it comes to the results from everything Nathaniel produces. Nino Nicolia, one of those clients, couldn't help but note, "His creativity is second to none, and his team manages everything with ease. They really make it look easy and always exceed expectations."


In the entertainment world, Nathaniel has had the privilege of working with a star-studded list of names, including Elton John, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Baldwin, Richie Cannata, Melissa Joan Hart, and even Chief Justice John Roberts. He's also performed at iconic venues like Radio City Music Hall. His compositions have graced prestigious venues, such as the Burton Awards at the Library of Congress, where he’s returned multiple times not just to perform but to showcase excerpts from his original musicals and direct the video production.


His music prowess doesn't end there. Nathaniel's work as a composer and producer for indie pop and R&B artists has found its way to mainstream radio and television. He's a versatile artist, writing everything from jazz standards to hard rock. His "American songwriter" style debuted in an album produced by Richie Cannata, owner of the renowned Cove City Sound Studios, and a legendary saxophonist for artists like Billy Joel.


Among his major creative achievements is "Revelation," a full-scale musical that debuted to a sold-out 3,000-seat Long Island theater and ran successfully for several weeks. He not only wrote and composed the musical but also performed in it and produced the original cast recording.


The accolades Nathaniel has received speak to his multifaceted talents. Richie Cannata calls him "an absolute genius," while celebrity stylist Vivienne Mackinder describes him as "an absolute goldmine of a person." When he produced the first HR video for LG Electronics that garnered only positive feedback amidst the enterprise insurance collapse of 2010, CEO William Cho referred to him as a "Miracle worker."

Beyond the limelight, Nathaniel is also a skilled rider and horse owner and lives on a ranch with his wife and five children. In the face of hardship, their resilience has been nothing short of remarkable. When his son, who took after his name, was born prematurely at just 26 weeks, weighing 1 pound 4 ounces and measuring 11 inches, Nathaniel leaned into his faith and unwavering positivity to get through 98 harrowing days in the NICU. His wife was also critically ill during this period and nearly lost her life. Today, both are thriving, and his son is a robust 8-year-old boy. Nathaniel credits his ability to maintain his joy and focus during this difficult period to his deep-seated faith and positive outlook which has only deepened since.


What makes Nathaniel genuinely unique isn't just his skill set or his positivity—it's his ability to bring those skills together cohesively in a single project. Whether he's directing, writing the script, composing the music, or editing the final cut, he often wears multiple hats, adding an original tagline for good measure. All of this comes packaged in an overwhelmingly upbeat and positive attitude, a trait he attributes to his late mother. Colleagues, employees, and clients alike note his kindness, respect, and genuine care for those around him.


Despite his myriad accomplishments, Nathaniel remains humble and focused. Whether working on a large-scale national TV commercial or a short web video for a nonprofit startup, he gives each project 100% of his skills, his talent and his attention.


While Nathaniel Nunziante's professional accolades are staggering, what truly sets him apart is his ability to fuse these myriad talents into a singular vision. Colleagues, employees, and clients consistently rave not just about his unmatched talents but also about his kindness, respect, and genuine care for everyone involved in a project. The old adage 'a jack of all trades masters none' doesn't seem to apply here. As for the future, one thing is clear: wherever he goes, whatever he undertakes, the impact he leaves on those he works alongside will be as indelible as the work he produces.


  • Earned the title of a modern-day renaissance man, excelling in disciplines including music production, video production, stage production, directing for TV commercials, and theatrical stage activities.

  • Founded and led Intrigue Studios since 2006, turning it into a successful enterprise with high-profile clients such as LG Electronics, Citibank, The NY Knicks, SalonTech, LifeVac, Nicolock, Apple & Eve, Lassonde Pappas, Basic Resources, and MetLife.

  • Consistently exceeded client expectations at Intrigue Studios, garnering praise from clients like Nino Nicolia, CEO of Nicolock for creativity and attention to detail.

  • Premiered "Revelation," a full-scale musical in a sold-out 3,000-seat Long Island theater, running for multiple successful weeks as well as producing and mixing the original cast recording.

  • Composed the theme song for the prestigious Burton Awards, performed at the Library of Congress for former presidents, chief justices, senators and celebrity guests like Idina Menzel, Jay Leno and Shin Lim.

  • Worked with renowned figures such as Elton John, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Baldwin, Richie Cannata, Melissa Joan Hart, and Chief Justice John Roberts to name a few.

  • Has performed his original music at iconic venues, most notably Radio City Music Hall.

  • His compositions have also been featured in mainstream media, earning radio and television airplay.

  • Released an album in the american songwriter style, produced by Richie Cannata, legendary saxophonist for Billy Joel and owner of Cove City Sound Studios.

  • Garnered accolades and testimonials from industry leaders, including Richie Cannata who called him an "absolute genius," and LG Electronics CEO William Cho who named him a "Miracle Worker."

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