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A video production agency that gets the job done.


Who We Are

What we do is make stunning and effective videos for artists, businesses and brands, but who we are is a dream production team of creative minds.


At the heart of our innovation you find endless passion. Passion for creation, passion for storytelling, and passion for the process itself. The big payoff for us is to take the most captivating message of your brand and turn it into a missile: a laser-targeted masterpiece born from a big idea that just happens to exist in the form of the most future-proof medium on the planet: video. Check out our video production services.

video production agency behind the scenes blue waters commercial
video production agency director nathaniel nunziante behind the scenes

Back Story

In 2006, Nathaniel Nunziante quickly became known as the director in the game who could make a $20k video production budget more effective than a competitor's best $200k video. His secret ingredient: Intrigue.


Even before the explosion of social videos, Nathaniel understood that the key to a video’s power lay in its ability to capture more than just attention. Wielding “Intrigue” like a sword, you can carve out a niche not only in the market, but in the mind of the viewer. While trying to come up with a name for his video production agency, Nathaniel mentioned to a friend that it’s important the name have ‘Intrigue.’ Watch our latest videos here.

What We Value


Pretense costs much more than it's worth. We enjoy being 100% transparent and honest with eachother.


You simply can't “coast” through production. Creativity requires passion. Without it, all you have are polished versions of old ideas.


We take responsibility for clear communication. Lack of clarity is the most dangerous liability in production.


We have a simple rule: everything for a reason. Smart navigation is impossible if you don’t know where you’re going.


An environment void of joy will rob any positivity that enters. We've all seen it happen. We choose happiness.


From a marketing standpoint, being different is more important than being good. We won’t settle for less than both.

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Nathaniel Nunziante

Writer. Producer. Director

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