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Commercial video production

TV Spots, YouTube Pre-Roll Ads, Social Campaigns and more…

What is a commercial video production?

A video commercial or advertisement is probably the kind of video production with which we are all the most familiar. Whether you see it on TV or the internet, commercials are usually short (30, 45 or 60 seconds) and they are very single-message oriented.


A commercial video is meant as a teaser for your brand, and so it’s not wise to get into the nuts and bolts of your services the way an explainer video would.

The purpose of a commercial is to capture attention, create interest and then potentially turn that interest into action. Whether it’s on national television or a pre-roll ad on youtube, the purpose is the same - to excite and interest your potential customer and, most importantly, make them remember you. Intrigue is a commercial video production company that offers everything from tv commercial production to commercial videography, and everything in between.

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How does Intrigue Studios create the concept for a commercial video?

After we’ve completed an initial meeting to go over our clients RFP or Creative Brief and make sure we really understand their goals - we immediately get to work conceptualizing to come up with that one killer idea that will get everyone excited.

Not only is this one of the most enjoyable parts of the process for our team, it’s also where Intrigue Studios really shines as a commercial production agency. While there are many video production companies that maintain a high-quality production standard, use great equipment, and have talented below-the-line crew… no amount of production value can save a weak idea.


Five minutes into the first pitch meeting or immediately after reviewing the visual treatment we’ve sent over - any doubts about whether or not Intrigue Studios is the right fit for their project usually disappear. Of all tv commercial production companies out there - this is an area we really shine.

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What is the best distribution strategy for a commercial video?

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A commercial video should always be used at or near the top of your advertising sales funnel. As they are most effective at generating interest, it makes sense to use them where interest is most valuable.


It’s important to keep in mind that a commercial video is going to “interrupt” whatever your potential customer is doing, so it is absolutely vital that the commercial be instantly engaging, interesting and entertaining. We only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention - especially when they did not choose to see our ad. 

While it is important that your strategy includes a reasonable investment for distribution, you must always keep in mind that the investment on the ads will be wasted if the video is not effective.


That is why all of our TV commercials, youtube commercials, social media commercials etc… are all built around the most important element that any video commercial can have: Intrigue. 

What is a typical TV commercial video budget?

While the total budget depends on the complexity and style of the concept. Several factors can dramatically affect the total budget including: setting/locations, number of characters, where you are planning to air the spot, licensing fees for music and talent, specialized visual effects or celebrity appearances etc…

Check out our post on: "Optimizing Your Video Marketing Budget: A Guide for Small Businesses"

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How long does it take to produce a commercial video?

The total time necessary from start to finish for a commercial video depends heavily on the complexity of the concept. Overall, commercials do usually take a bit longer to produce than explainer videos or marketing videos - because they also include casting, more involved shooting days, larger crews, more complex post production etc…


The total budget also plays a role as more budget can allow a production to be completed more quickly, as more staff can be brought in to split the workload.


That all being said, most video productions take somewhere between 8-12 weeks to complete from initial development to final delivery. You can also click here to learn more about Intrigue Studios Commercial Video Production Process.

How do I get started with Intrigue Studios commercial video?

Getting started couldn't be easier: Simply contact us here to set up an intro call or video chat so we can learn more about your video project. Once it’s confirmed that we would be a good fit for your project - we can jump right into development and get to work pitching one or more original concepts for your commercial video.


At Intrigue Studios we are always willing to bet on our creativity, which is why we are willing to conceptualize and pitch before any official commitments are made.

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