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Video Production Services

Whatever your goals or challenges, our creative video production services can get you from where you are to where you want to be.


Below are the types of video production that our production team specializes in, but don’t feel limited to create one of these...Intrigue Studios is a production company that is as versatile as it is creative and handles everything from pre production to post production.




Music Video



Commercial Video

National tv commercials, a local video ad or a creative spot for your website and social campaigns… Intrigue knows how to create high quality engaging, entertaining and effective commercials that always get results, making commercial video production one of our most in-demand production services.

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Corporate Video

Raise brand awareness, produce training videos, or generate new product demos… Consider our video agency the one-stop-shop you need for your entire corporate video production wishlist. Explainer videos, social media, 3d animations.... we do it all.


Marketing Video

A marketing campaign without video may be bad, but a video marketing campaign without good video is much worse. Intrigue will create the perfect promotional videos for your marketing campaigns. Attract new clients, close more sales and grow your brand with limitless Intrigue. We can even help you with your overall video marketing strategy.

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Music Video

A music video connects the listener to the artist and the song in a way that nothing else can. And a great music video can be the difference between a song and a ‘hit’ song. Intrigue's music video production service works with you to create a stunning and memorable visual storyline for your song so it has the best chance possible to reach millions and millions of new viewers.


Educational Video

No medium is as effective when it comes to training, onboarding or education as video. Intrigue has extensive experience with educational and training video production for some of the world's largest brands. Whatever it is you need to teach, and whomever needs to learn - Intrigue can build the perfect connection and make it an effective one.

mary brunettie education video screenshot

Consulting Services

While most of our clients are looking for full video production services, sometimes our clients just need an “idea” person to help get things moving, a postproduction expert to help with video editing - or even to just "pick the brain" of a video producer, director, editor or other video production expert. 


Whatever your needs are, we are here to help. 

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Nathaniel Nunziante

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