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Marketing Video Production

Product videos, explainer videos, tutorials, customer testimonials, behind the scenes videos etc...

What is a marketing video production?

Marketing videos are any videos that are used as part of a larger marketing strategy to promote a specific product or service and are mainly used in online advertising, on social networks or in targeted email campaigns.


The beauty of a marketing video is that it can dramatically increase both exposure and engagement with a level of effectiveness that nothing else can. Whether it’s a product demo video, explainer video, tutorial or customer testimonial - there is nothing as effective as leveraging the power of video within your marketing strategy.


It’s a much more personal way to engage your audience and get your message heard, and it also dramatically increases visibility in social feeds, improves search engine rankings and increases overall sales.

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How does Intrigue Studios create a digital marketing video?

After we’ve completed an initial meeting to go over our clients RFP or creative brief, and we’ve made sure we really understand the goals and key message for the video - we immediately get to work on a visual treatment that will outline the style, tone, pace and look overall messaging in the video given the target budget.


This visual treatment can then be reworked as needed until the project can be officially green-lit for further development and ultimately production. Authenticity and clarity our two of our key values here at Intrigue Studios, so we are proud to create an initial visual treatment before any commitments are made.

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What is the best distribution strategy for a marketing or promotional video?

The best way to distribute a marketing video depends heavily on the specific type of video it is and the goal of the campaign in which it is being used.


The beauty of a great marketing video is that it will achieve its desired results both in paid ad campaigns as well as through organic traffic. The most important aspect of a marketing video’s distribution strategy is proper targeting.


As most marketing videos are distributed online - paid ads can be targeted with laser accuracy, but also for organic traffic it’s important that a marketing video speaks clearly to a defined target audience and makes that audience feel that the video was created just for them.

What is a typical marketing video budget?

While the total budget depends on the specific type of video and its complexity. Several factors can dramatically affect the total digital marketing budget including: necessary video length, animation versus live action, number of shooting locations, etc…

Check out our post on: "Optimizing Your Video Marketing Budget: A Guide for Small Businesses"

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How long does it take to produce a marketing video?

The total time necessary from start to finish for a marketing video depends heavily on its type, target length, predicted complexity and desired production value.


That all being said, most marketing video productions take somewhere between 8-10 weeks to complete from initial development to final delivery, although the simplest videos can take as little as 4-6 weeks for our marketing video production team to complete.

How do I get started with Intrigue Studios marketing video production?

Getting started with digital marketing video production couldn't be easier: Simply contact us here to set up an intro call or video chat so we can learn more about your marketing video project, or you can email us your RFP or creative brief here.


Once it’s confirmed that we would potentially be a good fit for your project - we can jump right into development of your marketing video or videos.

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