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Educational Video Production

Digital Products, Online Training, Teaching Series and more...

What is an educational  video production?

Whether it’s a specialized online training for digital sale, a teaching series for Netflix or tutorial videos on how to use a new product - these videos exist to educate your target audience.


The overall scope and production value of these types of videos can vary greatly, everything from a series of short social tutorials to a comprehensive, masterclass style training videos.

Key Attributes

Long Form




Easy to Follow



Well Structured



How does Intrigue Studios create an educational video?

After we’ve completed an initial meeting to go over our clients RFP or creative brief, and we’ve made sure we really understand the goals, subject matter, target audience and market - we immediately get to work on a visual treatment that will outline the style, tone, pace and overall look of the educational video, given the target budget.


This visual treatment can then be reworked as needed until the project can be officially green-lit for further development and ultimately production. Authenticity and clarity are two of our key values here at Intrigue Studios, so we are proud to create an initial visual treatment before any commitments are made.

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What is the best distribution strategy for an educational video?

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The best strategy to distribute your educational video depends heavily on the subject matter and style of teaching. For online training products, for example, the first question is whether or not the video is going to be paid access available for sale - or if it will be free training that finds its home on a free-access site like youtube.


If the product will be offered for sale online, we recommend using a service such as to host and manage sales & access. Contact us to learn more about our full service design and setup options.


The other factor to consider when planning distribution is how much production value for your target audience. In some cases, a basic talking head video with powerpoint-style animated slides is all that is necessary.


But sometimes a full scale professional production with multiple camera angles, 3D animated graphics and titles and custom music is needed to establish your brand as a professional authority on the subject - and to set your educational video series apart. 

What is a typical educational video budget?

While the total budget depends on the specific type of video and it’s complexity. Several factors can dramatically affect the total budget including: necessary video length, animation versus live action, number of shooting locations, complexity of training videos etc…

Check out our post on: "Optimizing Your Video Marketing Budget: A Guide for Small Businesses​"

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How long does it take to produce an educational video?

The total time necessary from start to finish for an educational video production depends heavily on its type, target length, predicted complexity and desired production value.


That all being said, most marketing educational video productions take somewhere between 12-16 weeks to complete from initial development to final delivery, although the simplest educational videos can take as little as 6-8 weeks.

How do I get started with Intrigue Studios educational video production?

Getting started couldn't be easier: Simply contact us here to set up an intro call or video chat so we can learn more about your educational video project, or you can email us your RFP or creative brief here.


Once it’s confirmed that we would potentially be a good fit for your project - we can jump right into development of your educational video or videos.

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