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Gnarly Karma

Music Video

Intrigue Studios produced a unique narrative for this music video production, to completely set this cover video apart from the many covers that already exist of this song, and resulted in a major engagement boost and fan growth on the bands social media presence.


Gnarly Karma reached out about producing a music video that will work for their very dark cover of Avicii's "Wake Me Up"


Intrigue Studios produced a video built around a very scary premise that is not actually revealed until the last few seconds of the video. After this revelation, watching the video a second time allows you to realize that the words of the song mean something completely different than what they seem. 


Narrative Music Video


4 minutes and 52 seconds


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Nathaniel Nunziante

Writer. Producer. Director

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Studio Performance

In addition to their music video, Gnarly Karma also came to Intrigue Studios to produce a live, in-studio performance of their original song, Neptune.

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