Be Different.

We create commercials that set you apart from your competition!

Be Different

Spotlight Client: Firepolish Diamonds 

This 30-second TV spot is the first consumer-facing TV AD for the firepolish brand. This spot was produced in-house from concept to screen and we were happy to partner up with NewBreed Advertising to make it happen.

Your video will be as effective as it is unique.

More converstions, increased sales, greater engagement

Whether you are an established corporate brand or a smaller company just starting out, video is a MUST HAVE part of your brand strategy.

Video is the MOST effective communication medium in today's market. In fact, the very presence of a video on your website's homepage has proven to increase the number of inquiries by up to 400%. 

But just having a video is really not enough. Your videos need to be deployed in a way that will engage your target audience, inspiring them to take action. And without distribution, there will be a dramatic fall off of your video's effectiveness over time. Learn more about how we create and manage commercial campaigns for your company or brand!


In today's market you're audience has to

feel immediately engaged by your brand. You have less than 10 seconds to make that happen or you may lose them forever.

Our Clients

Our videos are designed to accomplish very specific goals for our customers. And more than just producing the videos, our team helps to strategize those goals and then handle implementation and distribution.This is one of the major reasons why we’re trusted by some of the best PR and marketing experts around, providing effective video production to Fortune 500 brands, medium-sized companies, as well as micro-businesses.

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