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Videos That Just Work Better

Better Videos, Bigger Results

Make All Of Your Marketing Work Better

More Than A Video Production Company

Any video can generate curiosity, but a great video is effective. Stunning visuals demonstrate your brand's quality, and then a unique and effective idea will make sure your message is remembered.


Development to distribution, we are a high-end, professional video production company that aims creativity at your desired results.

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A Video Production Company That Understands 'Attention'

The landscape for high quality video has never been more crowded. Attention spans are shorter than ever and 98% of ads are just noise. You need a video that will get results from your target audience. In order to get those results your 'video' needs to be more than just beautiful. It needs to be instantly captivating, entertaining and memorable. Our award-winning team is well versed in all types of digital marketing video, from explainer video to national TV commercials.

Brands That Trust Us

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Let Us Handle It.

We love taking the lead on the logistics as well as the creative. Our agency is committed to bearing the full weight of production so you can focus on your business. Be only as involved as you want to be, and let us bring the results to you.

Big Ideas.

We pride ourselves in the strength and effectiveness of our ideas. The importance of efficacious creativity, especially in today's marketing, cannot be overstated. Words aren't enough. This needs to be demonstrated; it must be proven

High-End Visuals

How do you want your brand perceived? The visual difference of a low budget website video or a national Superbowl commercial is usually apparent in less than a second. At Intrigue, visual quality is non-negotiable.

Production Process

Production Process

Production Process

Our Production Process

Every creative project has specific needs and challenges that require custom solutions - so we are always ready to adapt and scale our production process as is needed. Whatever the scale, however, every video production is going to make its way through 4 key production phases from start to finish.

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3


Phase 4



Phase 1


It all starts with development. We will work with you to gain a deep understanding of your goals and the specific purpose of creating this video. Development is finished up with a final script being written and approved, and the production process continues.

video production developement phase treatment
video preproduction phase storyboard schedule and budget

Phase 2


This is where we create the almighty plan. From pre-production all the way through the final edits, your dedicated production management team will take the lead to ensure that the production process progresses as efficiently as cost effectively as possible.


Phase 3


This is the creative execution phase of the video project. Equipment is prepped, sets are built and pre-rigged, actors are on set, the lights are in place, and the cameras are ready to roll. We will manage all of the logistics so you can sit back and enjoy watching the vision come together. 

video production director of photography and director with arri camera
video postproduction color grading editing screenshot

Phase 4


Production is now complete and we start video editing of the digital footage into a rough cut that closely matches the script and storyboards - and then the rough cut timing is refined into a fine cut through feedback and review in collaboration with the director.


Vivienne Mackinder

Hair Designer TV

Nathaniel Nunziante & Intrigue Studios, one word to describe this man and company: Genius. I have worked with high level video production companies in London, Paris, Milan, LA and NY.  So I am no stranger to the demands of creating world class video content. What makes Nathaniel so special is his creative ability to story-tell in script and music. To then take this vision and direct into a quality cinematic style video. The added bonus is that he knows how to promote  video content for a return on investment. Nathaniel understands todays marketing strategies so that all video content is targeted to your ideal audience. Go with Intrigue and you have gold in your hands.

Shazya's Perfect 10

Dish Network Series

They produced an entire season of episodes, and I was blown away by both the quality and the process. They are thoroughly professional and the final product was breathtaking. From social media to brand video, I have returned time and again as a client, as in this business I cannot find any team that is better at producing quality video.

Mary Brunetti

Mary Brunetti Education

Working with Intrigue on my video project was honestly one of the best experiences of my 48 year career. From brainstorming, storyboarding, preproduction to editing and release the experience was seamless and enjoyable. They took all the stress off my shoulders and took care of even the smallest details. Production day I felt confident and well prepared for the shoot, actually making the day fun! I highly recommend this company to anyone who has a production project and is overwhelmed by the enormity of the details. I guarantee you will enjoy the journey and most of all have an effective, target-hitting beautiful finished product.

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Nathaniel Nunziante

Writer. Producer. Director

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