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2024 TV Commercial

Intrigue Studios has written and produced several national TV spots for Nicolock paving stones to establish a memorable and unique impact for the brand targeted at consistently increasing brand recognition, overall awareness and market share. See other commercials for Nicolock here.


Create a TV spot that would engrain the brand name "Nicolock" to make it synonymous with "paving stones" while also being memorable and differenciated from the competition.


A completely new concept featuring a living "backyard character" known as Mr. Backyard, allowing us to personify every backyards deepest desires.


TV Spot


30 Seconds

Alternate Beginning

Version 2

In addition to the main TV spot - Intrigue Studios also create an alternate beginning of the commercial for a slightly different segment of the demographic, and also to act as a retargeting video. 

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Nathaniel Nunziante

Writer. Producer. Director

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