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Postproduction Add-ons Pricing

Our suite of post-production services is meticulously designed to amplify the effectiveness of your video content, ensuring it captivates and engages audiences on any platform, anywhere.

Add-on Options

  • Cut Versions: Adapt your content to fit the perfect length for any social media or digital platform.

  • Stylized Captions: Enhance accessibility and viewer engagement with open captioning that matches your brand's style.

  • Language Dubbing: Broaden your reach with videos dubbed in multiple languages for global audiences.

  • Raw Footage: Access to the unedited, raw video files from your shoot with a perpetual buyout and usage license.

Flexible Solutions for Every Budget


Prices listed on this page are not set in stone. If you have a specific budget, require a tailored solution, or simply wish to confirm the cost of multiple add-ons in an official quote, we recommend speaking with us. In many cases, we can offer bundle pricing if you are interested in purchasing multiple add-ons at once.


Our team is committed to working closely with you to accommodate your needs and ensure that we provide a solution that aligns with your objectives and budget constraints. Our goal is to make your vision come to life in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Alternate Versions


Alternate versions enable you to tailor your video for different audiences or goals without starting from scratch, saving costs significantly. This flexibility allows for updates to any part of your video, voiceovers, or on-screen text, enhancing its appeal and relevance. It’s a strategic, cost-effective approach to diversify your content, connecting with various audience segments by showcasing different aspects of your product or service.

$1,495 - $2,495

per alternate

Pricing depends on the

complexity of the alternate

Cut Versions


Cut versions transform your videos into shorter formats suitable for different platforms and shorter attention spans, such as turning a 30-second ad into a 15-second clip or a 60-second message into 30 or 45 seconds.


This strategy expands your content's reach and engagement by adapting to platform norms and viewer preferences, ensuring your message remains clear and impactful in a more concise package.

$595 - $995

per cut version

Depending on the length and complexity of the source.

Aspect Ratio Versions

Aspect ratio versions adapt your videos for optimal performance on different social media platforms, ensuring they fit various formats.


We adjust videos to 3 key aspect ratios, preventing cropping or black bars, and enhancing visual appeal and engagement. This customization will dramatically boost content success on each platform:

  • Square (1:1): Ideal for Instagram posts and more.

  • Vertical (4:5): Perfect for Instagram feed and Facebook posts

  • Vertical (9:16): Best for Instagram Stories, TikTok, Snapchat, and more


per aspect ratio

$499 for bundle of 3 ($159 per aspect ratio beyond 3)

$899 for bundle of 6 ($149 per aspect ratio beyond 6)

Stylized Captions


Stylized captions boost video accessibility and effectiveness, ensuring clarity even when watched without sound—a common habit on social media. These captions, unlike toggle-able closed captions, are permanently embedded, making your content universally accessible.


Tailored to your brand's colors, they enhance visual appeal without compromising quality. We offer your video with or without these captions, allowing flexibility across platforms and scenarios.


per video

$249 for bundle of 3 videos ($79 per video beyond 3)

$599 for bundle of 10 videos ($59 per video beyond 10)

Language Dubbing


Alternate language versions expand the reach of your videos by dubbing them into different languages, making your content accessible and engaging for a global audience. This service is crucial for brands looking to make an impact in diverse markets, ensuring that the message is not just heard but also resonates culturally and emotionally with viewers worldwide.


With our premium service, each dubbed version is carefully crafted to maintain the original tone, intent, and emotion of the content, ensuring a seamless viewing experience that honors the essence of your message. Providing alternate language versions is more than just translation; it's about creating a version of your video that feels native to each audience.

We also have a basic service available for brands that want to produce the translation dub on their own and provide the audio file to us.


$995 - $4995
per video

Includes the casting and recording of voice actors as well as mixing and balancing the voiceovers into the original edit.


$495 - $1495
per video

Includes the mixing and balancing a provided audio file into the original edit.

Raw Footage


Dive into the depth of your project’s potential with Intrigue Studios’ RAW Footage add-on. This service unlocks access to full-resolution, unedited video files in their natural LOG and FLAT formats, coveted by professional editors and production suites for their unparalleled flexibility. These formats are the foundation for high-quality color correction and custom grading, essential for crafting a final product with superior customization and quality.


Options & Fees

  • All Raw Footage: Usually about 5-10% of your project's total budget, with a minimum of $1,000. This ensures that regardless of your project's scale, you have the flexibility to use the RAW footage creatively as you see fit. The license is perpetual and unlimited. 

  • Individual Takes: If you don't require all the raw footage it might be more cost-effective to select a few specific takes. This requires a custom quote depending on the quantity and duration of takes desired.

All Raw Footage

Minimum charge of $1,000 for all raw footage.

Call for Quote

Color Grading (Optional)


Tailor your footage to perfection without the need for advanced post-production facilities. We offer color correction and grading services ensuring your footage is broadcast-ready with vibrant colors and the desired visual appeal.


See the difference between LOG/FLAT and COLOR GRADED footage below.

flat log image of singer music video

Ungraded, Raw Footage


Color Graded Footage

Depending on the complexity of lighting, composition and transitions within the scene.

per scene

Color Grade

Custom Quote

If you’re navigating through our post-production options and wondering which path will best align with your specific objectives and budget, we're here to guide you. Understanding that every project is unique, we're more than ready to assist you in putting together a custom package that meets your needs precisely.


Don’t hesitate to reach out for a personalized consultation. Our team is committed to ensuring you have the right post-production solutions to bring your vision to life, tailored just for you.


Whatever your needs are, we are here to help. 

Or call 631-274-7040

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