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Raw Footage Delivery Standard Practices

Some of our clients will request to have the raw footage delivered at the close of a project. In this post I'm going to explain our standard practices when it comes to handling raw footage.

We are going to cover the following:

  1. What is Raw Footage

  2. Do We Deliver Raw Footage

  3. Licensing & Delivery Fees

  4. Raw Footage

  5. BTS Footage

  6. Raw + BTS Footage

  7. Project Files

  8. Summary

What is Raw Footage

About 20 years ago, raw footage referred to the physical master 'tapes' or 'reels' on which the images were recorded in-camera. While "film" is still used for large format feature films - the digital age has replaced most commercial filming (and even some theatrical) with "digital media."

This means that the RAW footage from most productions exists in the form of data stored on an SD card, hard drive or other digital media storage.

The word "RAW" in Raw Footage refers to footage that has not been altered in any way from the way it was shot.

These are the master files that are used in the editing process to create the final edits.

Do We Deliver Raw Footage

Some production companies simply won't deliver raw footage at all. Intrigue Studio does prepare and deliver raw footage upon request for an appropriate licensing fee, but it's not recommended.

When you hire Intrigue Studios to produce your commercial, promo, marketing video etc... you are investing in the studio's resources, crew and equipment - as well as the final edited deliverables.

Anything outside of the production scope, such as the raw, unedited footage and/or project files isn't included and requires an additional licensing fee to be paid.

In most cases it is much more cost effective to allow Intrigue Studios handle the production of any future editing, alternate versions, behind the scenes documentaries, blooper reels etc... that could be produced using the raw footage.

Licensing & Delivery Fee

The licensing fee for raw footage is calculated using several factors:

  • The total amount of raw footage

  • The equipment that was used

  • The total production value

  • The time necessary to manage/copy files

  • The cost of storage/transfer

Every production company may handle the fees for raw footage differently and it's true that some companies and agencies may charge a raw footage fee of as much as a 150% of the total production budget.

This means that if the total production budget was $20,000, some production companies will charge as much as $30,000 for the release and rights to all raw footage.

When you consider the fact that from the raw footage of a single production a brand may eventually produce several more videos resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of additional income... it becomes clear that the total lifetime value of the raw footage is often much greater than even a substantial one time fee.

Intrigue Studios always calculates a fair licensing fee for raw footage on a case by case basis.

But you can see a breakdown of our standard minimum's below:

Raw Shoot Footage

Intrigue Studios standard minimum fee for delivery of Raw Shoot Footage:

$5,000 or 20% of the total production cost, whichever is greater.

Raw Behind The Scenes (BTS) Footage

If Intrigue Studios had it's own behind the scenes photographer or videographer, the behind the scenes footage can be licensed and delivered, in it's own - or along with the the raw footage.

Intrigue Studios standard minimum fee for delivery of Raw Behind the Scenes Footage Only:

$2,000 or 5% of the total production cost, whichever is greater.

Shoot + BTS Footage

We also have a discounted rate if a client want's to license BOTH the raw footage and the behind the scenes footage together.

Intrigue Studios standard minimum fee for delivery of Raw Shoot + Behind The Scenes Footage:

$6,000 or 22.5% of the total production cost, whichever is greater.

Project Files

The project files are the proprietary editing files that Intrigue Studios created throughout the production process. Project files are generally NOT available for delivery unless a specific arrangement is made in advance.

Summary of Licensing & Delivery Fees

Below is a convenient summary of the above fees:

  • Shoot Footage: $5,000 or 20% of the total production budget (whichever is greater).

  • BTS Footage: $2,000 or 5% of the total production budget (whichever is greater).

  • Shoot + BTS: $6,000 or 22% of the total production budget (whichever is greater).

In our standard agreements we always include a clause that addresses the raw footage. The following is an example from our standard contract, of course we can customize an arrangement on a case-by-case basis.

"Upon request Intrigue Studios will promptly release all finished versions of the edits and video files - only after payment of the final invoice has been made. Raw footage and/or project files can be made available for an additional fee and at the discretion of Intrigue."

As transparency is one of our fundamental values, we have found it's always best to address this in contract and up front, so that any questions related to the licensing and delivery of the raw footage can be worked out in advance, if necessary.

If you have any questions about our raw footage delivery practices, or would like any further clarification - contact us here, or leave a comment below.



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