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Video production that will make all of your marketing work better.

Videos That Increase ROI, Improve Conversion Rates & Awareness & Take Your Marketing Results From Acceptable to Remarkable

Get Real Results!

Increase Awareness

Increase Interest

More Leads

More Sales

More Profit

Our videos are designed to bring your brand what really matters: more awareness, more leadsmore sales, and more profit.


Who cares about cameras and lighting if your message isn't remembered? Why invest in a video beautiful video if it is not also going to be effective? 

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Why Intrigue?

There are a lot of reasons our clients keep coming back to Intrigue Studios. Here are the most popular ones:

We Generate Positive ROI

We Have The Most Creative Ideas

We Are Awesome To Work With!

We Have a Scalable Team

We Take All The Heavy Lifting

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Richie Cannata
Saxophone | Billy Joel Band

The finished production of our bands promo video was far more than I expected! Truly professional experience with absolutely amazing results ...I Highly recommend Intrigue Studios

Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 4.37.08 PM.png

Vivienne Mackinder
World Renown Celebrity Hairstylist

One word to describe this company: Genius. I have worked with high level video production companies in London, Paris, Milan, LA and NY. What makes Intrigue so special is their creative ability to story-tell in script and music. The added bonus is that they know how to produce video content for a return on investment. Go with Intrigue and you have gold in your hands.


John Arbuckle
Award Winning Audio Engineer

Throughout my career as an audio engineer, I have worked with countless videographers and production companies, and Intrigue is by FAR the best. Nathaniel and his team are the ultimate professionals and its a massive relief knowing that I can relinquish creative control to someone else without worry. I don't even have to give them direction and the end product is always better than I envisioned. They are so down to earth, friendly, and easy to talk to, and it's always a pleasure working together. I cannot recommend this team enough!


Kimberly Cignarella
Owner | KimCig Luxury Handbags

Nathaniel is so talented and passionate, a true creative genius! It is always a pleasure working with Intrigue, they are the best of the best. Nathaniel brings your vision to life even better than you could ever dreamed of!


Effectiveness Is Our Main Focus

From initial concept and scripting all the way through the final edit, every aspect of production revolves around the idea that the video must be as effective as it is impactful.


Each video is carefully engineered to accomplish it's unique mission, whatever it may be:

Increase Profits

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

Increase Brand Awareness

Improve Brand Recognition

Generate More Leads

Improve Lead Quality

Full Service Means We Take The Heavy Lifting of Both Creative & Logistics From Start to Finish

It doesn't matter if it's a TV commercial, corporate video, explainer, social promo etc... We provide expert guidance and support from start to finish.


The team at Intrigue Studios is dedicated to creating the most impactful and effective video possible - and that dedication is part of every aspect of what we do.

Request an intro now to speak to one of our producers about your project, so we can lay out all of your options.

Or call (631) 274 - 7040

Our Process

development copy.jpg


We will work with you to gain a deep understanding of your goals and the specific purpose of creating this video. From there we will develop a proposal for how to best accomplish that goal, creatively.


What we are developing in this stage is the IDEA, which is usually in the form of a treatment or script.


All of the logistics of production need to be figured out before anything is actually shot. Storyboards, locations, schedules, releases etc... 


We take the lead to ensure that the production process progresses as efficiently as cost effectively as possible.

preproduction copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 12.29.25 PM.jpg


We're now ready to shoot! This is where creative execution begins, and for our clients it's often the most fun and memorable part of production. Lights, cameras, action!


We manage all of the logistics and run a very organized set so you can sit back and enjoy the experience. Be sure to take some behind the scenes pics for your social media accounts!


Editing is where the magic really starts to happen. Footage is cut together, music is added, visual effects generated, sound design applied etc...


Once a rough cut is ready for review we work with you through a streamlined revisions process to get the final video to 100%.

  • What is the first step to get started with Intrigue Studios?
    The first step is simple: Get started above to discuss your project and determine if there is a good fit. You can also schedule a free 10-minute intro call with one of our producers right now!
  • Does Intrigue Studios come up with ideas & create scripts?
    Yes. We are a full service video production agency which means that we can handle everything from the initial concepts all the way through the final prepping the videos for distribution on TV or web.
  • Can Intrigue Studios produce our existing idea or concept?
    Absolutely. We work with many marketing and creative agencies who already have a concept somewhat fleshed out in a script or storyboard, and just want to get the production side of things taken care of.
  • Who has Intrigue Studios worked with?
    We work with a wide range of brands, businesses and artists. Some notable clients include: LG Electronics, MetLife, The New York Knicks, Apple & Eve, Sally Hershberger, CitiBank, Nicolock Paving Stones, Payaru, Mary Brunetti Education, Vivienne Mackinder, Christie & Company Salons, Richie Cannata, The Lords of 52nd Street, KimCig Luxury Handbags to name a few…
  • How long does production usually take start to finish?
    It depends heavily on the scope and size of the project. A simple interview with a company owner for social media is much less complex to produce than a 30-second superbowl spot. Your dedicated producer can advise on the specific production time-line for your project - but as an overall average it’s 3-6 weeks for production start to finish for smaller projects, and 8-12 weeks for larger projects.
  • Where is Intrigue Studios located?
    Our offices are based in Smithtown, NY (Long Island), but we have crews all over the tri-state as well as the rest of the country. We also have crews that travel abroad when necessary.
  • Does Intrigue Studios require a creative brief or RFP (Request for Proposal) in order to get started?
    No. While it’s very helpful when clients provide a creative brief or RFP up front, it is not necessary in order to begin. Our producers will make sure we gather all of the necessary information in order to put together a production quote, whether or not it is provided up front. That being said, we do recommend providing some kind of simple brief or RFP if possible, as it will streamline the process up front and enable us to determine if we are a good fit much more quickly.
  • What kinds of videos does Intrigue Studios produce?
    We produce all kinds of videos including, but of course not limited to: TV commercials, social commercials, corporate videos, explainer videos, music videos, web videos, retargeting videos, vertical videos, convincer videos, live action videos, streaming videos, youtube videos, event videos, sizzle reels, promo videos, documentary style videos, narrative videos, testimonial videos and more…
  • What kind of video services does Intrigue Studios offer?
    Intrigue Studios offers a wide variety of video production and video services, including: development, preproduction, production, postproduction, scripting, storyboarding, planning, location scouting, locations management, casting, sound mixing, sound recording, event videography, consulting, directing, producing, lighting, design and more…
  • Does Intrigue Studios handle media buying for TV distribution?
    We don’t take care of the media-buy itself, but we do work with various networks regularly (NBC, ABC, Disney Hulu, FOX, USA, Altice etc… to handle the file prep and upload of produced videos.
  • Does Intrigue Studios do web design and social marketing as well?
    We have creative partnerships with several web design agencies that we often partner with for our clients when it comes to full scale website design and maintenance. For one-off digital marketing, PPC google ads, social ads etc… we also have some in-house options for consultation and strategy, as well as ad account management for distribution of the videos that we create for you - in order to maximize the effectiveness of the video marketing campaigns. Contact us to learn more about this additional option for distribution of your video project.
  • Does Intrigue Studios create social media content such as vertical video, reels style video, captions etc…?
    Yes. And we highly recommend it if you want to maximize the performance of your social marketing. Also, for all videos we create in standard format, we offer the options to create a social package of clips in alternate frame sizes and styles that you can use in conjunction with your main tv or website ads & promotions.
  • How much does video production cost?
    It depends on the scope of the project. There are just too many questions and variables for a one-size-fits-all approach to production. Do we need a 3-person crew or a 30-person crew? Do we need a $10k camera or a $100k camera? Are we shooting on-location at a local business, or on-location in the desert? Once we understand your goals and budget, our producers will put together options that make the most sense in order to maximize production value while being realistic about budget.
  • Is there a minimum budget required for production with Intrigue Studios?
    It depends on the type of production. A corporate, interview-style video requires much less equipment, crew and time to produce than a narrative TV commercial. There are also cases where we are only providing a production crew to shoot, and delivering footage. And sometimes the footage has already been shot and we are hired to handle post-production and editing only. That being said, the minimum budget to work with Intrigue Studios is around $5-10k, but we do sometimes make exceptions for smaller projects. Contact us to set up a quick intro and determine if your project is a fit.
  • What are payment terms for production with Intrigue Studios?
    It depends on the scope of the project. Much larger projects will have payment schedules stretched out over more time. But for most projects it's either 50/50 (50 percent up front as a retainer, 50 percent due on delivery of the final videos) or 30/30/30 (30 percent up front as a retainer, 30 percent due before the shoot date, 30 percent due on delivery of the final videos). Your dedicated producer will work with you to come up with a payment schedule that makes the most sense for your specific production.
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