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Standard Billing Terms & FAQ

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At Intrigue Studios, we pride ourselves on not only delivering captivating video content but also ensuring a transparent, fair, and predictable billing process for our clients. This page offers a detailed look at our standard billing policy, including the rationale behind our practices and how they contribute to a smooth, efficient project flow.

Standard Payment Structure

Our billing is typically structured around three key stages to align with project milestones, providing clarity and predictability for both parties:

  • Retainer Payment to Begin the Project: This initial payment secures your project in our production schedule. It's usually about 40% of the total project cost, reflecting the upfront resources and planning involved.

  • Second Payment on the Day of Filming: This payment acknowledges the commencement of the active production phase. Generally, it constitutes about 40% of the overall project cost.

  • Balance Payment: Due 15 days after the delivery of the rough cut or upon approval, whichever comes first. This final installment typically covers the remaining 20% of the project cost, though percentages can adjust based on specific project needs.

These stages are designed to ensure financial sustainability and resource allocation for your project, allowing our team to maintain a high level of creativity and attention to detail from start to finish.

Why a Balance Payment 15 Days After Rough Cut Delivery?

At Intrigue Studios, our balance payment policy is thoughtfully designed to prioritize our clients' comfort and review process. We require the balance to be paid 15 days after the delivery of the rough cut or upon its approval, whichever occurs first.

This framework ensures that our clients can take their time during the revisions process without feeling pressured to rush. It's important to us that our clients have the space to review, reflect, and request any adjustments necessary to achieve their vision, ensuring a smooth and stress-free post-production experience.

We've found that we are often able to complete post-production within this 15-day period, aligning the payment schedule neatly with project completion.

However, we also understand that for some projects our clients may require more time when gathering feedback, whether due to the scope of revisions or the depth of their internal review process. For these projects, the structure of our policy ensures that our team is appropriately compensated, even as we provide the flexibility needed to accommodate any additional time or adjustments. This balance supports both our operational sustainability and the high standards of quality and dedication we bring to every project. More about our standard communication & feedback practices here.

Moreover, at Intrigue Studios, we are committed to going above and beyond for our clients. We strive to ensure that the final product not only meets but exceeds expectations, reaching 100% satisfaction. Our balance payment policy underscores our commitment to a transparent and mutually beneficial process, balancing our operational needs with our unwavering dedication to client service and excellence.

Implementing Our Billing Policy

  • Transparent Agreements: Our production agreements and/or invoices clearly outline these payment terms, ensuring alignment and understanding from the outset.

  • Open Communication: We keep you informed throughout the project, providing reminders and updates on payment schedules as necessary.

  • Adaptability: Recognizing that each project is unique, we remain flexible to adjustments that may benefit the project's success, always aiming for a mutually beneficial agreement.

Questions or Custom Arrangements

Your comfort and understanding of our billing practices are paramount. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss a billing arrangement tailored to your project's specifics, we encourage you to reach out. Our team is committed to ensuring a smooth, successful collaboration on every project.

Other FAQs About Billing

1. What forms of payment do you accept? We accept payments via wire, bank transfer, debit/credit card, and checks. For credit card payments greater than $3,000 USD, a processing fee may be added. There is NO processing fee for wire or bank transfer, which is why those methods are preferred. Specific details and instructions are provided on each invoice.

2. Can payment terms be negotiated per project? Yes, while we have standard payment terms, we understand that every project is unique. We're open to discussing and adjusting terms to better suit the specific needs of a project.

3. Are there any late fees for overdue payments? To encourage timely payments, a late fee may be applied to overdue balances. Details of these fees are outlined in our production agreements and invoices.

4. How do you handle project scope changes that affect the total cost? Any changes to the project scope that impact the budget will be discussed and agreed upon in writing before additional work commences, ensuring transparency and agreement on any adjustments to payment terms.

5. Is a retainer refundable if a project is canceled? Retainers are generally non-refundable as they secure your project's place in our production schedule. However, exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on the project's status at the time of cancellation.

6. Do you offer payment plans for larger projects? For larger-scale projects, we can offer customized payment plans to spread out the financial commitment. This must be arranged and agreed upon before the project starts.

7. What happens if the final project exceeds the initial budget? We strive to provide accurate quotes and keep you informed of any potential budget adjustments due to project scope changes. If the project looks to exceed the budget, we will discuss and agree upon any additional costs in advance, but we will always do everything in our power to minimize this possibility. We always aim for "ahead of schedule and under budget."

8. Are any taxes or fees added on top of your quoted prices? Not usually. But we aim to provide complete transparency regarding the total cost of your project, so any such fees would always be clear in advance of approval. There are NO financial surprises, EVER.

9. How are unexpected expenses during production handled? Should unexpected expenses arise, we will communicate these as soon as possible. Approval will be sought before incurring any costs that would affect the project's total budget.

10. What is your policy for retaining raw footage and completed project files? Our standard practice is to retain raw footage and final project files for a specific period post-project completion. Clients can request copies of raw footage, which may be subject to additional fees depending on the scope of the request. More about our raw footage delivery practices here.


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